Monday, August 26, 2013

Playing With What's His (The Dream, Part III)

In case you've forgotten where we left off . . . I'm naked . . . tied to the headboard . . . he's playing with me . . . and I just spoke, which I wasn't supposed to do . . .

(I'm gonna finish it out because there's another post I need to do, but in the interest of continuity, I wanted to finish out the dream first. So strap in, it's gonna be a long one.)

You put a few pillows under my hips and pull my legs so I'm laying over them. You grab your belt. 

"It would have been an even dozen . . . but then you kept talking . . . so I think we'll double that, hhmm?"

You double the belt in your hand and bring it down hard . . . and then again and again and again. I cry out with each stroke and then bite my lip hard, burying my face in my arm, "Mmphhhh..."  Tears spring up in my eyes again and I grip the tie on my hands and cry into the comforter

I lose count and it takes me a few beats to realize that it's over . . . then you pull the pillows out from under me and flip me back over.

You start to slip out of your pants as you say under your breath, "I know just how to keep you from speaking." You climb back astride me and wrap one hand in my hair, lifting my head up so I'm staring straight at your almost erect cock.

My eyes flicker up momentarily to meet yours and then back down.

"Kiss it." And so I do, my eyes flicking up again.

"Open," and you're in my mouth . . . deep immediately. I gag and try to resist your hand in my hair, but you tighten your grip and I whimper a little around your cock but grow still.

"No. This isn't about you, don't you fight me."

I close my eyes and focus on relaxing my jaw, breathing deeply and settling down. I still gag a little but I give in to it and focus on your hand in my hair. I suck you deeply and you hold my head in place as you thrust in and out of my mouth roughly.

My eyes are watering, I'm gagging on and off, and you don't let up as I feel you swelling in my mouth.  It doesn't feel sexy to me and I'm not necessarily enjoying it, but I feel so so so submissive.

Just as I feel that you're about to cum, you pull out of my mouth and climb off of me, walking back to the end of the bed. You grab the pillows and lift my hips, pushing the pillows under me so that my hips are angled up and then bend my knees with my legs spread wide.

You bring your hand down hard onto my pussy and I jerk my legs together instinctively, "OOWWwwww...."

I immediately gasp and then bite my lip hard and shake my head no, tears springing to my eyes as you pull my legs back apart firmly, "Don't you move."

You walk back around the bed and into my line of vision beside me, crop in hand.

You start swatting my breasts, a few around my breasts and then directly on the nipples.  My eyes are shut tight and I'm pulling hard against the ties and you keep going an going. I start to close my legs, knowing that if I can get some friction I may be able to transform the pain and get close to cumming.

"Don't you dare," and I still immediately . . . my legs remaining wide.

You keep at my nipples for another minute or so and then drop the crop and start squeezing my nipples hard, rolling them between your thumb and finger, then leaning down and taking one in your mouth, biting, while you continue to roll the other between your fingers.

I am writhing under your hands and I realize suddenly that I'm going to cum whether I want to or not if you don't stop. My fear of what you will do if I cum without permission outweighs my desire to be still for you and I twist hard away from you.

You stop, startled by the suddenness of my jerking away and ask me what the problem is. I look up at you, biting my lip and then you grin a little as you realize my predicament.

"You may speak."

"I was afraid I was going to cum, and I couldn't ask," I say just above a whisper, blushing crimson.  You chuckle and an amused expression comes over your face.

"Well then good girl, I suppose. We'll work on self-control another day."

You start to walk back down to the end of the bed, but then stop, grabbing the crop, picking up a couple of clothespins and clipping them on my nipples.

"That's for jerking away," you say, your voice almost teasing me as I pull on the binds as the clothespins latch onto my already very sore nipples.  I glare at you a little mutinously but hold my peace as you walk to the end of the bed.

"I was going to just use my hand . . . but you are not allowed to block me by closing your legs."

And the crop comes down on my pussy.  My back arches up, but I keep my legs open, closing my eyes tight and whimpering. You bring it down like that three more times.

"One more, it's going to hurt, don't move your legs."

I pull hard at the tie on my hands, arch up off the bed and cry out as the crop comes down hard, but I keep my legs wide for you, my pussy hot and stinging.

You moan deep in your throat as I lay breathing hard and whimpering. Then very quickly you drape my legs over your shoulders and plunge deep into me. My breath catches in my throat as I cry out again. You stay there, buried in me to the hilt as I spasm around you, trying to adjust and then you pull out slowly and thrust hard into me again.

I cry out, "Oh Goooo...." and then bite my lip, my eyes flying open and looking at you, realizing my mistake.

You stay deep inside and reach up my body, unhooking the clothespins, turning them a half turn and then clipping them back on. I moan loudly, whimpering, but keep my mouth closed, biting my lip hard.

You reach up and grab the headboard, bending me double and start thrusting in and out of me slowly.

"Do you want to cum?"

I nod my head frantically . . . my pussy clenching up hard around you and then spasming as I try to relax my muscles and wait.

You speed up, pounding into me hard and fast. You lean down to my ear and growl quietly, "We'll see about that . . . after I cum.  I don't know that you behaved well enough."

You bite me ear and pound harder. I whimper into your ear, my breathing getting more and more ragged and then you explode inside me, moaning loudly and calling out incoherently.  I try to clench up around you but quickly give up, afraid I'll cum if I'm not careful.

My eyes plead with you as you release my legs and collapse on top of me, smashing the clothespins into my breasts. I whimper loudly while also writhing underneath you.

You prop up on your elbows over me and look down into my eyes.

"Do you think I should allow you to cum?" you say quietly,  "You may speak."

"Please Sir please, I tried so hard to behave, Please please make me cum.. Please Sir...."

"Well... let's see what we can do, don't you dare cum without asking me first." 

You slide down and out of me to the end of the bed and then start toying with me again.. reaching one hand up and taking a clothespin off but then kneading my nipple in your fingers. I'm gasping immediately and trying to hold on. I last for like a minute.

"Please Sir may I cum?"

"Who do your orgasms belong to?" 

"You Sir"

 "Who does your pleasure belong to?"

With your fingers inside me and still rolling my nipple between thumb and finger of your other hand.
"You Sir"

 "Who do *you* belong to?" 

"I belong to you Sir."

 "That's right you're mine... all mine.... only mine" 

"Yes Sir."

You start nipping at my clit.. and I swear you're trying to squeeze my nipple off my body and thrusting in and out of me with fingers on your other hand.

Then you say quietly, "You may cum..."


And I woke up.... right there.... at that moment... I thought I was going to explode.....

The dream wasn't as long as this makes it seem, although it was a really really long dream. But typing it out makes it seem a lot longer.

So . . . anyway . . . that's the dream that got me out of a punishment for cumming without permission. Because really, can you blame me???

Hope you enjoyed!!

Bekah Jane


  1. Nope sure can't blame you. ;)

    1. Thankfully, he agreed. Glad you enjoyed it!!


  2. Holy fuck! That's so hot Bekah! And technically you did have his permission! lol Thanks so much for sharing. I know how difficult it is to allow others into that part of you, but it was awesome and I may need to ask for permission myself! lol


    1. I didn't even think of the "claiming that I had 'permission'" angle.... lol.

      I'm glad you found it hot... lol


  3. Soumise ClandestineAugust 26, 2013 at 10:24 AM

    oh my God, that was HOT!!! I loved it! and the pictures too, by the way!!!

    Nope, nobody can blame you!

    this dream is so well written that I hope you'll have another one! :-)

    Take care

    1. Glad you liked the pictures!! I went on a picture hunt and saved them all in one place so I could get back to them easily.

      I'm glad you liked it.


  4. WOW, hot and yes, you have a good excuse :)

    1. Thanks DF, I thought it was a pretty good excuse too.