Monday, September 23, 2013

Threads of Dominance

It's been foreeeeevvvveeeeerrrr since I posted. I kinda feel like my whole life got crazy out of control.  I had an injury I was dealing with and was out of work. In my line of work, being out for multiple days in a row is a pretty bad idea because you end up coming back to complete chaos. So when I came back things were WILD and I've been running around putting band-aids on various crises and trying to stamp out small fires (and big ones) for the past two weeks. I kept trying to sit down long enough to do a blog post but I kept either thinking of something else I needed to be doing or realizing I was too tired to think in straight lines.

Soooo. . . . that's where I've been . . . not that you asked . . . lol. I'm gonna find my way around to everyone's blogs today and tomorrow and check in. I've missed everyone!!!!

When we last left our heroes The last time I posted, I talked about rules and about how B and I were trying to work our way out of a rut.  This time, I want to talk about how much I love it when B weaves threads of dominance through our interactions.

Let me explain . . .

Over the past week or so, B has just been doing little things that feel very natural to lead us and to remind me that I'm his.

He'll give me directions when I'm not expecting it, just little things . . . telling me which panties to wear as I text him about getting ready for something, put me down for a nap when I tell him I'm tired, ask what I'm wearing when we're chatting or talking and then have me take clothes off or put different ones on so that I'm dressed how he wants me.

It's the small things.

He's also gotten more dominant when we're "playing" online, once again, it's not necessarily anything new, more that we had slipped into a rut of it being missing and he's settled very naturally back into reestablishing it.  We played on the phone the other night, and he had me do something I hadn't done before and just lead me through it. There was never a question of whether or not I would obey, he simply commanded my obedience by his confidence that I would obey him and I desired to please him.

My attitude wasn't cute though . . 

He's been more mindful of expecting me to stay respectful and reined me in a handful of times when I start to slide into mouthiness or sassing him. He actually told me to "watch my attitude" through a text message . . . . and while I was not ready to do that in that moment (I flung my phone into the passenger seat of the car) I did know clearly that I was crossing a line and with some more time, I calmed down and brought myself back to center.

During our talk about being in a rut, one of the things that I said was that I couldn't tell that he was leading us and that if my desire for submission didn't inspire greater Dominance in him, then it seemed like something was wrong.

Since that conversation I have felt him weaving the threads of Dominance back through our relationship and it makes me feel so much safer and more settled.

I'm so thankful.

Until next time,
His devoted one

**Stay tuned for the next episode, where Bekah tries to find her way out of the rut of indifference.....**


  1. Dear Bekah,

    I'm so glad to see you back. It seems like the Bishop and you are doing pretty well, and that's great!
    Take care, both of you,

  2. Thanks Soumise!! Thanks for dropping by.. I always look forward to your comments.