Friday, July 19, 2013

Checking In & A Little Quiz I Found Amusing

Well . . . I'm feeling better today . . . not 100% like myself, but definitely better than yesterday.

B was very good to me last night, we didn't get to talk for as long as I would've liked but he definitely helped.  He asked me last night, "Is it really that bad, Angel?"  I told him no, then I told him yes, then I think I told him I didn't know . . . lol.  He also tried to be gentle . . . anybody want to guess how I responded to that??  If you're guessing I shoved at him harder you would be correct.  So then he got tough, and I settled down some.

Today I"m a little annoyed with him over something . . . do any of you ever want to break rules to get back at your guys when you're annoyed with them?? That's how I'm feeling.

Mature?  Nope.  A good way to handle it?  Nope.  Perfectly sweet and submissive?  Nope.  But it's still how I'm feeling.  Honest? Yup.  We'll talk tonight, and he'll make it better, and it's a weekend so neither of us have to get up at the crack of dawn tomorrow, which means we won't be in a hurry.

I probably won't break rules . . . I don't think.  I know it's not worth it.  I know how much I hate disappointing him, and I haven't been in trouble in quite some time.  Although I had that fourth cigarette yesterday and he didn't ask so I didn't tell him so I'm most likely already in trouble.  He doesn't know which means I shouldn't be putting it here . . . Baahhhh . . . I'm a terrible submissive today.

Anyway . . . I didn't come here to whine . . . I actually found a little quiz I liked and decided to do it here . . . it's yes or no questions, so if you want to know the story behind any answers you'll have to ask. I'm borrowing it from Maryanne who borrowed it from Roz.  Thanks ladies!!

Have you ever . . .

Shot a gun?  Yes
Watched someone die?  No
Served on a jury?  Yes
Flown on a plane?  Yes
Swam in the ocean?  Yes
Cried yourself to sleep? Unfortunately Yes
Been camping in a trailer|RV?  No, but I'd like to
Rode on an elephant?  Yes
Rode on a camel?  No
Been lost?  Yes, too many times to count
Eaten just cookies or cake for dinner?  Yes
Been on TV?
Been on radio?  No
Been in a car accident?  Yes
Donated blood?  Yes
Got a speeding ticket within the last 12 months?  Yes to a ticket, but not for speeding.
Gotten a piercing (not ears)?  Yes
Gotten a tattoo?  No
Flew in a helicopter?  No
Gone parasailing?  No, but I want to!!!
Been on a jetski, snowmobile or dune buggy?  No

13 Yes / 8 No

Until next time,
His (still a little grouchy) devoted one


  1. Do I ever want to break the rules when I'm annoyed with him? Ever? Oh most definitely all the time I'm annoyed with him!
    I agree; not correct way to think or act, but A way!

    1. Hey thanks Janey . . . it's nice to know I'm not the only one. And yea, I know it's not the right way to think, but gosh sometimes it's hard to act the way we know we should, huh?? lol


  2. Soumise ClandestineJuly 20, 2013 at 8:13 AM

    Hey Grumpy Bekah :-) !

    I'm happy you're feeling better even if you are a little grouchy!

    I also want to break rules when I'm annoyed with Him, not too much to back up at Him, just because I'm in a "whatever" mood. I usually don't do it though because I feel it's a lack of respect, but as I'm not perfect ;-)! ,it has happened once or twice and that led to ... trouble and a very sore bottom thanks to Mr Martinet! So I would strongly advice you not to do it!

    Argh you smoked that fourth cigarette, not good at all, Bekah! If I had done that, Mr D. (my Dom) would tell me I'm in Big Double trouble: first because I disobeyed Him, second because I witheld the truth and waited for Him to ask me the question (and THAT would be the worst), and you can guess what would happen next... OUCH!

    I wish you a good day and a good week-end, and good luck to the Bishop! ;-)

    Big hugs
    Soumise C.

    1. Hey Soumise,
      Yea it wasn't a shining moment for me. B and i talked about it last night... And he's dealing with it with a warning shot if sorts. Things between us were already complicated (see my next post) but at the same time I smoked the fourth one that day just bc I was feeling defiant. He's threatened to put me in a cold shower several times so he directed that the next time I shower I'm too let the water run all the way cold for a few seconds at the end. I'm accepting the mercy with grace and committed not to do it again.

      Thanks for the encouragement... I'm enjoying getting to know you!!