Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Quick Note

Just wanted to say hi to everyone... My life got crazy busy and then I planned to post this weekend and got taken out by a pretty nasty stomach virus.  I'm finally back to normal thank goodness.

I'll try to get a real post up tomorrow but in the way of news... I'm good, B's good... And I've been pretty good here lately.... Here's to hoping it lasts... Lol

I'm gonna share some pictures I like... For your viewing entertainment...

Love this saying.

I feel like Yes Sir is the only possible answer to this...
Unless I was in trouble in which case I would be back 
pedaling *fast*.... Which wouldn't work... Right Sir??

Mmmm..... Yes Please... Even though cuffs kinda scare me...

Maybe more like this....

I love how in control he is... And how lost 
in the kiss she looks...

Until next time,
His devoted one


  1. Soumise ClandestineAugust 2, 2013 at 7:04 AM

    Hi bekah!

    I hope your stomach feels better.
    I like your pictures!
    Take care

    1. I completely forgot to respond to people's comments!!! I'm sorry Soumise.. I hope your vacation was good.. The pictures are awesome. And yes I recovered from the stomach virus!!

      Glad you like the pics!!


  2. Bekah, I hope you start to feel much better! I loved those pictures, thanks for sharing. I agree with you on the cuffs, those are scary, but a soft ribbon can be a lot less scary. And still kinda fun ;)

  3. Sorry it took me so long to respond... I'm feeling better and I'm glad you like the pics!!! Yes I think I'd prefer a ribbon to cuffs... Not that it's up to me.. Lol