Friday, June 7, 2013

Your Assignment for Today........

***First of all, I want to thank everyone who has commented. I LOVE comments!!!!  I also want to thank everyone who has come by and read here so far (smiling sweetly and waving to you).  Blogging is fun.***

When 'B' and I first started chatting, he would often end the night by giving me an 'assignment'.  There were lots of different ones, and I'm sure I'll share about more of them as I continue to get to know all of you, but tonight I want to share just one of them.  He asked me to write him out a fantasy and email it to him.....  and I panicked.   

I mean completely panicked...  like freaked out....  was sure I couldn't do it....  got so embarrassed I thought I might just not do it....  thought of about a bazillion excuses I could give him for not doing it.....  started it and deleted the email draft about 12 times.  You get the picture.  (He knows none of that.... so that should be a fun conversation.)   But of course, I did it and once he told me he liked it.....  a lot.....  I took a deep breath and patted myself on the back and thought I would never tell him about the mini-crisis brought on by the assignment.  And then I started a blog.....

I'm gonna share the fantasy I wrote, I'm figuring you all guessed that.  I feel like I should insert a quick warning though.  Everyone does blogs differently.  Mine has the "adult warning" because, well, it's gonna have adult things.  I want to write about my journey with 'B' and about thoughts and questions that I have about ttwd, and I'm probably going to include some fantasies, or more sexual things from time to time.  I'll always offer a warning.   I know that some of my favorite blogs don't really do the kind of entries that I'm doing right now....  and I really want to be friends with some of those bloggers so I want you to know right here that the story below is overtly sexual, so if that's not your thing, please skip this post and I promise I'll put up more of our story and things that aren't as sexual tomorrow.

The Assignment...

I walk in the house from work and you're sitting on the couch, looking at something on your computer.  I'm frazzled....  it was a rough day and it must show on my face because you put the computer to the side and look at me and then just say, "Come here."  I look at you and roll my eyes just a little....  I'm kind of in a mood.  "Come here." again....  in that voice that I know better than to argue with.

I walk over, and faster than I realize what is happening I'm over your knee and I start squirming, resisting.... but then you swat me once....  hard..  "Be still." 

 I settle down as you find your rhythm, but then you stop and mumble.. "too many clothes.." as you stand me back up and start to unhook my pants and slide them with my panties down to my knees.  I go back over your knee willingly this time and you start again.  Slow and steady....  not too hard but enough so that I'm feeling it pretty quickly.  I start to squirm again and you stop....  rubbing my ass....  sliding your fingers down lower....   and I moan softly and then you start swatting again....  a little harder....  and it hurts....  and it doesn't....  all at the same time.  You spank and rub and spank some more and then you ask, "Rough day?"   "Yes Sir," I admit, and you say gently, while spanking me harder, "It's over and you're home....  and when you're here, you're mine."  I sigh deeply and murmur, "Yes Sir" as i settle over your lap.

I hear the *crack* before I feel it and all the sudden it STINGS.  I jerk a little and turn to see what you have, but you tangle your free hand in my hair....  not pulling but holding me still, "You rolled your eyes at me just then....  and I had to tell you twice to come here."  And the....  whatever it is....  comes down several more times and I wriggle a little on your lap.  You lay it on my lower back so that you can rub and I realize it's a wooden spoon.

 "Yes Sir, I'm sorry, I won't do it again."  "Mmmhmmm," you say gently as you pick the spoon back up and start again. It lands over and over all over my bottom and the tops of my thighs and I try to be still but I buck a little on your lap and I start to whimper, "owwww.. I'm sorry,"  I whimper quietly and you stop again and rub.. your hand dipping down between my legs and your finger pushing into me just a little.  "You're wet," you say with false surprise, and I roll my eyes again knowing you can't see them....  thinking to myself that of course I'm wet....  I'm always wet when I'm over your lap.... but I blush hard anyway, and just say 'Yes Sir' in a small voice.  You rest your hand on my ass.. and comment, "lovely," and then say, "just a little more, don't you think?"  I squirm a little.. but quickly say, "Yes Sir," because I know that's the right answer.  You pick the spoon back up and start again.  It feels harder this time, but maybe that's just cause I'm already tender.  My whimpering gets more pronounced and I cross and uncross my ankles....  "owwwww,"  I moan....  wanting you to stop and not wanting you to stop....  my ass is so hot and sore and you keep going and I feel myself finally relax over your lap.  It hurts, but I feel the weight of the day leave me and then you stop.

Your hand slips back between my legs, rubbing and pinching and then your finger rests on my clit.  You tap it a few times and my hips buck a little....  wanting more.  I'm aware of the fact that I can feel you now, hard against me.  You rub my clit, as your fingers start to explore inside me and I begin to writhe over your lap....  pushing my hips back.... wanting more.  "Greedy little thing," you say with a smile in your voice and I blush all over again.  Then just as quickly, your hands are out of me and you swat me one time for good measure. "Oohhhhhh.."  I moan sadly, my hips still moving on their own but you slide me off your lap so I'm on my knees between your legs.  "Patience," you say simply, one eyebrow raised, and I blush a little and drop my eyes, murmuring "Yes Sir." 

You free your cock, already mostly hard and I grin a little and look up at you, waiting.  You nod slightly and I lean forward and kiss the tip.. feeling my pussy clench.  I hover there for a second and then say just above a whisper, "may I?"  You nod again and I circle the tip with my tongue and then put just the head in my mouth and roll my tongue around it, sucking softly.  One of your hands tangles in my hair and my whole body relaxes as I focus on pleasing you.  You set the pace and I suck you in and out slowly....  taking a little more each time until I'm taking the length of you breathing slowly.  Your hips buck slightly and I grin with you in my mouth....  and then pull back....  pushing against your hand in my hair.... pushing my tongue against the underside of your cock until just the head is in my mouth again and I run my tongue around it and lick the tip gently....  teasing you.  Your hand tightens in my hair and you push my head down hard and hold me there, with your cock down my throat.  I gag a little my eyes watering, and then relax.... loving the feeling of being in your control.  I suck hard and then softer and then just as quickly, you pull my head back and off.  I breathe deeply, looking up at you with a question in my eyes. "Bedroom. On the bed. On your back. Now."  You say firmly and I jump to obey. You swat me hard as I get up and I move a little faster....  knowing you're right behind me.


That's as far as I got in the time that I had....  We finished the rest of it together that night.... I wish in person, but you know.... nine hours is a long way.  It was still fun though....  lots of fun.  I'll leave it to your imaginations from there as well.

Until Later,
His devoted one


  1. oh such an amazing fantasy I read that day when i opened my email... reproduced here so faithfully. I am so proud of my devoted one, strong yet submissive, proud yet humble. and such a good girl... with naughty tendencies... SIMPLY PUT... MY DEVOTED ONE... wouldn't have her any other way....

    The Bishop...( B )

  2. This is lovely, Bekah, and equally lovely that you finished it together :) Sounds a lot like Daddy & I. Did you know that we started long-distance? We met on FetLife & he was across the country. We've also had some separations/deployments as he is military. It's hard, but so very worth the wait.


    1. I popped on your blog for a minute June, but haven't gotten to really poke around.. I'm looking forward to spending some time this weekend with blog stuff. I'm glad you liked the story!! The long distance has been hard, B and I haven't actually met in person yet... hopefully in the next few weeks though, he's working on it. Some days I'm able to stay focused and settled and remember that it'll be worth it, other days I get anxious and worried. Actually, I think I'm gonna head into a blog post about that... See if I can get some wisdom from others.

      I'm glad you're reading June!!!!


  3. :)

    Hey, that picture has a lot of spoons!

    Actually, I think this kind of open communication where you really talk about needs and wants is really healthy. You go girl!

  4. I agree. . . I think that picture is terrifying!!!

    I'm glad you like it, I didn't want to offend anyone, but. . . well, this is the sort of stuff that rumbles around in my head.