Sunday, June 30, 2013

I Dreamed A Dream

In the way of news . . . B and I are alright . . . I'm learning things about myself and ways that I will have to grow personally in order to make the long distance thing work. I believe that he is too and we're still talking about the "serious" stuff . . . of course . . . but we've also very easily slid back into being "us" in the past couple of days.  I realized that when I start getting overwhelmed with fears and doubts, I tend to try to wrestle him for the reins. I'm gonna try not to do that anymore . . . and it feels to me like he's been stepping up and leading us more clearly so I think maybe he's going to not let me.  So we're moving forward . . .

Now then . . . I promised you a different kind of post . . . and I'm gonna deliver on that.

B and I had talked one night about our pasts and different stuff.  I don't honestly remember exactly what we talked about but I know we talked about 'T' (you can read about him here if you like). I cut off contact with 'T' a week or so after B and I started talking . . . well, it's a little more complicated than that but that story isn't the point of this post.  What's important is that things with him were still very fresh and I was still making peace with some of the choices I had made concerning him.  B helped ALOT with that, as far as not judging me and being understanding and helping me get some perspective on it.  Even so, it was taxing emotionally for both of us to talk through all the details, B would feel protective of me and frustrated by his perceptions of how things had happened, I was insecure about all of it, 'T' is the first man I ever submitted to in any way and I'm still a little confused about how to feel about some of the choices I made within that and as a result thinking or talking about him kind of made me feel like "damaged goods."  I would worry that talking about it would make B jealous and angry even though he was very careful to tell me that I was His now and having a past is part of being human and there's nothing to be jealous about.  Anyway, the point of telling you that . . . is to tell you that we ended up talking about 'T' *right* before going to bed for the night . . . so some of the emotionally taxing part of it didn't get resolved before we said goodbye.

And then I had this dream . . .

I'm curled up on the couch in a tank top and pajama bottoms with the TV on as you walk in from work. It's about 8:30 and I've been home for a few hours. I was reading but that made me doze off, so I turned on the TV and I've been sort of in that place between awake and asleep, waiting for you to get home. I start to stretch as the door opens and closes, sitting up and smiling, turning to see you, but as I see the look on your face the 'Hey babe' dies in my throat and my eyes switch to worried, my stomach drops and my pussy clenches. 

You cross the room to me in a few deliberate steps and catch a fistful of my hair in your hand, pulling me to my feet. 

"Who do you belong to?" 

I pull against your grip, trying to think if I did anything wrong as I answer you, "You.. you.. I belong to you, Sir." 

Your hand tightens in my hair as I pull, making it hurt instead of it just anchoring me as you say quickly, "Don't you fight me. Be Still." and I settle into your grip as you ask me again, 

"Who do you belong to?" 

My answer is fast and a little more desperate, "You Sir, I belong to You. What did I...." but you cut me off by pulling up my tank top with your free hand and grabbing one breast,  then trapping a nipple between your fingers, pinching hard and pulling.. rolling it around, then doing the same to the other.

 "And these... who do these belong to?" 

Biting my lip hard, moaning deep in my throat, "They're yours Sir, they belong to you."

 You loosen up and roll them gently with your fingers, "And they're mine to do with as I please aren't they?" you ask too quietly.. in that voice that carries a warning. 

My answer is quick, "Yes Sir, yes Sir you..." but my voice drops off as you lean down and bite one nipple.. gently and then harder watching my face. 

"OOowwwwwwww" I whimper.. squirming a little in your hand and then stopping as your hand tightens in my hair. 

"Mine." You say quietly as you stand back up straight.

Your free hand moves immediately to pull my pajama bottoms and panties down.. pushing them far enough so they drop the rest of the way to the floor and then pulling me so that I step out of them. You drag me with you to the coffee table and simply say "Kneel". 

I start to protest.. "But Sir.. it's..." but you stop me by catching my chin in your hand and pulling my hair so that i'm looking up at you.. slipping your thumb over my lip and into my mouth and asking me, 

"Who does this belong to you?" 

"You Sir" I say around your thumb.

 "I don't want to hear another word unless I ask you a question... Clear?" you ask.. cocking one eyebrow up and sliding your thumb back out of my mouth. 

"Yes Sir," I concede dropping my eyes and closing my mouth.

You turn me so that i'm facing the coffee table again and I kneel onto it obediently and then let you position me, pushing me back so that i'm sitting on my feet, spreading my knees to the edge of the table. Then you use my hair to lower my head to the table in front of so that my ass is high in the air. I start to try to adjust my head, thinking you're going to let go, but you tighten your grip and I grow still.. waiting. 

Your free hand rests on my ass and you ask again, "Who does this belong to?" 

As you squeeze and pinch and knead my ass, I answer you, "You Sir, it belongs to you." 

I feel you pull back and know what's coming as your hand comes down hard on my ass, and then again and again and again. I whimper a little but otherwise hold my silence.. biting my lip. 

Then your fingers slide over my ass and rest gently but purposely on my asshole, "And this?" 

"It's yours Sir", I say quickly. 

"Yes, if I want it, ever, for whatever reason... Mine," you say as you hand wanders down to my pussy and I let out the breath I'd been holding.

Suddenly and quickly, you push two fingers into me, sliding me forward a little on the table. 

"OOhhhh" I let out in a sort of a gasp. 

"This... who does this belong to?" 

My pussy clenches around your finger as I answer, "It belongs to you Sir." 

And just as quickly as you put them in you pull your fingers back out and then pull back a little and smack my pussy, just enough for it to sting. 

"Owwww" I twist a little and your grip tightens again in my hair as you say firmly, "BE Still" and smack my pussy again a little harder. 

"Nooo OWwwww," I whimper, one hand wrapping around behind me to cover my pussy. 

Faster than i realize what's happening, you move me by my hair, pulling me to standing and then landing me with my nose in the corner, standing behind me.. pinning me in.

"Who does your pussy belong to?" you demand firmly. 

"You, it belongs to You, I'm sorry Sir." 

You stand behind me silently for a few beats and then say, "I think you can stand here for a few minutes and think about whether or not you have the right to try to block me from what's mine." I drop my forehead against the wall as you let go of my hair and walk off. 

I hear you walking around in the kitchen, fixing a drink.. and I kick myself internally for putting my hand back. As the time passes I settle down... thinking about submitting.. about not fighting you and then just as suddenly you're behind me again.. your hand in my hair.. moving me back to the coffee table. I obey quickly.. letting your hand in my hair move me where you want me and get settled back into the position you pulled me out of to put me in the corner. 

I know what's coming before it happens and you pull back and smack my pussy three times.. hard enough to be uncomfortable but not so much painful as it is personal.. sending a clear message. I hold onto the edge of the coffee table and stay still. You pull back one more time and land a sharper swat, "OOwwwwww" I whimper, but stay still.. my hands in front of me.

 "Mine" you say simply and I respond quickly, "Yes Sir."

You reach and find my clit.. thrumbing it with one finger and then squeezing it.

 "Who does this belong to?"

"You Sir" I gasp as you squeeze harder.

 "Who does your pleasure belong to?" 

I try to answer.. my voice caught in my throat but you keep talking.. squeezing my clit.. and rolling it between your fingers.. my hips squirming.. your hand tight in my hair.. my knuckles white as I hold onto the coffee table.

"Who do your orgasms belong to?" you demand, your mouth at my ear. 

"You Sir," I gasp, moaning and whimpering at the same time. 

Holding my clit, squeezing but nothing else you say clearly in my ear, "You are Mine.. all of you.. you got that?" 

My hips squirm harder as I answer you quickly, "Yes Sir, Yes Sir, Please Sir..." 

You flick my clit hard with one finger as you keep squeezing.. sending jolts of pleasure through me as you ask me in an amused voice, "Please what??"

 I whimper a little and then say quickly, "Please make me cum, Sir." 

You immediately let go of my clit and pull your hand away.. swatting my ass hard one time, saying quietly in my ear, "Cum??? Oh no.. we're not even to close to that yet."

Then I woke up . . . I always wish these dreams would follow all the way through to the end . . . but apparently that is not meant to be.

Until next time,
His devoted one


  1. That's one of my recurring fantasies too - almost word for word. So hot being claimed a bit at a time.

    (I'm still here - just busy and travelling)

    1. Glad you're still here :-)

      Yes... I love the idea of being told... One part of me at a time... Whose I am... It's a great fantasy.. At least I think so... Lol


  2. That is one hot dream! Did you wake up panting, heart racing?

    bg (P Surren)

  3. Oh yes... It's one of two dreams that I've had about B that were so vivid that I nearly woke up cumming... Most of the time I just wake knowing that I dreamed about him but not remembering much if anything... But this one was vivid.

    Oh... And he made me read him the post last night... Including the dream... He'd read it before but wanted me to read it to him. It made me think of your post a while back... I think I blushed crimson the whole time. Lol


    1. Oh my gosh, I can't even handle my husband reading one of my posts in the same ROOM with me if I know about it. I can't imagine having to read one ALOUD. Holy crap.

    2. I know right ! ! !

      I got him to read one to me one time. . . I think it was 'punished' and I'll as it it was kinda hot to hear it in his voice... So I guess I shoulda know I would end up reading one to him sometime... But seriously... Did it have to be this one!?? And he didn't even do it on purpose... He hadnt read the post yet so he didn't know it was this dream

      Bahhhh..... So embarrassing .... But he seemed to enjoy it so I suppose it was worth it... Lol

  4. Ummm.... HOT. I want to have that dream! Lol... certainly sounds like a fun one. :)

    1. Thanks Kenzie . . . Yea . . . it was . . . I like dreams like that . . . lol